• EB976 series

EB976 series

Dimension : ø9.7 x 5.0mm
sensitivity : -47 ~ -51dB, +/-4 dB
Standard Power Supply : 1.5V DC
Output Impedance : 680Ω
Directivity : Uni-directional
Current Consumption : Max. 0.5mA
Terminal : Solder Type / Pin Type / With Lead Wires

Important Information:

"Pascal (Pa)" is being used as the indication of sensitivity, as per the recommendation by the International Electrotechnical Commission  (I.T.C.) .  The sensitivity that indicates in "Pa" will increase 20dB compared with the "µ bar".
 For examples: -60dB (0dB = 1V/µ bar) = -40dB (1V/pa)