• 27 January 2022

    Chinese New Year Holidays

    Please be informed that our Chinese New Year Holidays is scheduled as following.

    Hong Kong Office: 28 January (Fri) to 7 February (Mon) 
                                     and will resume work on 8 February (Tue)
    China Factory:  27 January (Thu) to 7 February (Mon)
                             and will resume work on 8 February (Tue)

  • Notice of Change of Company Name
    16 April 2019

    Notice of Change of Company Name

    Dear Valued Customers and Suppliers,
    Notice of Change of Company Name
    We would like to inform you that with effect from 1 May 2019 our company name SCE Electronic Company Limited will be changed.
    From the above date, our company acts under a new name:
    Sin Long Electronic Company Limited  (Company name in English)
    欣龙电子有限公司                                   (Company name in Chinese)
    This change of company name is in line with the fulfillment of our long-term development strategy.
    Other data, such as our Business Registration No. , telephone no., fax no. and email contacts and bank account no. remain the same.  Please refer to the attachment for detailed banking information.   This change of the company name does not affect the contracts and agreements between you and SCE Electronic Company Limited Contracts signed in the past remain valid.
    From the above mentioned date, any new business correspondence, purchase orders, invoices, delivery notes, new contracts and changes to existing contracts between you and us must be done using the new company name Sin Long Electronic Company Limited.
    Thank you!
    Yours faithfully,
    SCE Electronic Co., Ltd.